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The goal of this project is to put in borehole wells in the village of Adaklu Wumenu, Volta Region, Ghana. There are no sources of water in the vicinity.  It will provide clean, fresh drinking water and significantly improve living standards. At present, women in Adaklu Wumenu travel five hours to collect water from the nearest source, a stream.  Many young women are unable to attend school because of the time spent transporting water.  In addition, pathogens in the stream water can cause river blindness.

Local Rotarians will oversee construction of the wells, will assure that management is properly assured by the village committees, will visit the well sites quarterly for the first two years of the project, and will document and regularly report updates to International Partners.

The committee chair for this project is Pittsford Rotarian Benjamin Lawrance.

Wonderful news about this project.  Benjamin is truly dedicated to this cause. He set up a great hardware and facts display at the 46th Annual Pittsford Rotary Election Day Supper. Here is a letter from Rotary International's Global Grant Application.  Application #26028 for the Borehole Water Project in Ghana was approved for $22,500 (and a matching grant from Pittsford Rotary for $10,000):

Congratulations! Your global grant application, submitted by Ho and Davis for funding to help provide seven water wells in various communities throughout the Volta region of Ghana has been approved by The Rotary Foundation (TRF). The award is in the amount of US$22,500.
This message serves as formal notification of your grant approval and will help to identify what is required to receive grant payment. For all grants, the primary contacts are responsible for ensuring that a number of payment requirements are completed. Any additional information and/or sponsor contributions needed in order to make grant payment are described in this message.

Best regards,
Alison Randall
Senior Coordinator
Future Vision Pilot


Map showing where Ghana is in Western Africa where the water project is going on.
Water is found in the well being drilled in Ghana.  A successful borehole that will soon be made into a drinking well for the entire community.
Local women in Ghana standing by as they await their turn to receive water for their families.